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    Newsflash: Christmas Fayre 6.30pm Thursday 6th December

    Welcome to our school Glow'wiki website - we have put together a few pages to give you an idea of what Newhill logo.JPGgoes on in our school.  For those pupils and parents who have Glow accounts in the school more upto date and relevant information is available to you when you logon.  These pages are useful for those children and parents who currently do not have Glow accounts or for prespective pupils and parents.  It is our intention to make Glow Accounts available to all pupils and parents from P3 to P7 at some point in the future.  If you have any comments or queries please contact us at the school.

    pkclogoMastHead.gifHead Teacher: Mrs. Fiona Patton


    Newhill Primary School, NewhillPrimary.jpg

    Blairgowrie Community Campus, Elm Drive, Blairgowrie, Perthshire. PH10 6UZ

    Tel: 01250 871941

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