Aberuthven Primary School

    Welcome to the website of Aberuthven Primary, a welcoming little school with a family atmosphere.  We know each child as an individual and do the very best we can to help everyone achieve their full potential.


    Aberuthven Primary School

    "Respect and Opportunities for All"

    Contact Details

    01764 661410          This is the office and main contact number.

                                                           The office is manned until lunchtime, then an ansaphone will take messages. 

          In term time, we will repond to any messages left on the ansaphone within 24 hrs.  


    If you need to contact us urgently but the phone keeps cutting to ansaphone,  please try 

    01764 661414  (another office number which rings indefinitely and may be heard by staff nearby).  


    Failing that, but in an emergency only

    (e.g. if something unexpected has happened so that children cannot be picked up from school)

    please phone through to the classrooms where there will almost certainly be someone teaching.

    The classroom numbers are:           01764 661413 (Primary 4 - 7)        and         01764 661412 (Primary 1-3)

    Aberuthven Primary School

    "Respect and Opportunities for All"

    back of school 0510.jpg

    This is a view of the back of the school taken from our safe, completely enclosed playground.
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