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    Welcome to Glow Wikis


    Glow Wikis are online, collaborative spaces that can be used for almost anything. From class topic work, to school working groups, wikis are extremely flexible websites with infinite uses.

    Click here to visit a sample wiki – this wiki contains advice on how to create your own wiki pages and begin adding text, images and other media to them.

    Why not contribute to our national wiki, Scotland’s Schools. All schools can go to this wiki and add a page for their own school. Over time we hope that this wiki will build into a 'Domesday Book' of schools in Scotland in the 21st century. This is now open and ready for you to add your own school’s pages – you can add images, audio and video too, or link to your existing websites and blogs.

    If you are using Glow Wikis and would like to tell us about what you are doing we would love to hear from you. Comment on this page to let us know – you need to be logged in to Glow to comment.

    If you have been using Glow Wikis and would like to ask a specific help question, you can add to the Glow Help Forum – you need to be logged in to Glow to access the forum.

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